Oliver Rothschild

Mr. Oliver Rothschild is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of extensive international experience in driving business development, offering strategic guidance to startups, managing events, and fostering valuable strategic partnerships. His multifaceted career includes notable positions such as Chairman of the Rockstar group, Europe's largest privately owned mentoring and advisory business. Additionally, Oliver has served as Chairman and non-executive director for various early-stage startups and SMEs from diverse industries.

Among his recent involvements, Oliver was engaged as an advisor for FastFlow Group, one of the largest UK privately owned construction companies specializing in public sector housing. Oliver is known for his commitment to uncovering hidden innovations and ideas, often providing advisory services on a pro bono basis. Notably, Oliver has served as the Chairman of the UNICEF UK Fundraising Committee, showcasing his dedication to philanthropy. His involvement as the UK representative of the UNECE Committee for Housing and Land reflects his commitment to addressing global challenges. Furthermore, as the Government Mentor of the DTI Growth Accelerator, Oliver has played a pivotal role in fostering growth and innovation.

In addition, Oliver has served as the Chairman of the Sustainability Forum, demonstrating considerable exposure to renewables, carbon reduction, and sustainability.

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