Areas of Expertise

Sustainability Strategy and Transformation

At BGI Green we can assist with integrating sustainability into your core strategy and daily operations to maximize the opportunities that it presents and translate net-zero commitments into actions.

Our engagement commences with thorough Assessment and Analysis, extending seamlessly through Stakeholder Engagement for implementation of the Sustainability Strategy.

This offering encompasses the following key milestones:

1 - Assessment and Analysis

The first step in developing a sustainability strategy is to conduct a thorough assessment and analysis of the organization's current practices and impacts. This includes evaluating resource consumption, waste generation, greenhouse gas emissions, social equity, and other relevant indicators. This helps in identifying areas of improvement and understanding the potential risks and opportunities associated with sustainability.

2 - Goal Setting

Based on the assessment, clear and measurable sustainability goals and targets are defined that align with the organization's values, purpose, and stakeholders' expectations. These goals can focus on reducing environmental impact, enhancing social welfare, improving stakeholder engagement, or driving innovation and business growth.

3 - Strategy Development

This stage supports the formulation of a comprehensive sustainability strategy that outlines the specific actions and initiatives required to achieve the set goals. This includes identifying key focus areas such as energy efficiency, waste management, responsible sourcing, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement. The strategy considers both short-term and long-term objectives, as well as the allocation of resources and responsibilities.

4 - Implementation and Integration

We guide our clients to implement sustainability strategy into their daily operations and decision-making processes. This involves integrating sustainability considerations into various aspects of the organization, including management practices, supply chain operations, product design, employee engagement, and corporate governance. The service helps in establishing clear guidelines, procedures, and metrics to ensure effective implementation and monitoring.

5 - Performance Measurement and Reporting

Sustainability strategies require continuous monitoring and evaluation to assess progress and ensure accountability. This service assists in developing performance metrics and indicators to measure the organization's sustainability performance. Regular reporting on key metrics, achievements, challenges, and plans helps key stakeholders understand the organization's commitment to sustainability and transparency.

6 - Stakeholder Engagement

This stage emphasizes the importance of engaging stakeholders throughout the sustainability strategy development and implementation process. This includes consulting and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders such as employees, customers, investors, suppliers, local communities, and regulatory authorities. Engagement facilitates the alignment of objectives, fosters innovation, and builds trust and support for the organization's sustainability initiatives.

By availing the service of sustainability strategy, organizations can enhance their reputation, reduce risk, cut costs, drive innovation, and access new market opportunities. Moreover, it enables organizations to contribute positively to global challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, social inequality, and economic instability. Ultimately, the service helps organizations navigate the path towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

Managing Sustainability Performance

At BGI Green we can support you in monitoring, measuring and reporting your ESG performance.

Compliance and reporting on various sustainability standards and frameworks can be cumbersome. We partner with best-in-class technology providers and platforms allowing you to map, monitor, measure and manage your sustainability journey. This includes building forward-thinking ESG data and reporting capabilities to effectively respond to demands from regulators, standard setters, and other stakeholders.

Whether it is GRI, TCFD, SASB, ISBB reporting we can help you streamline it all.

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