Climate change contributes to more frequent and extreme weather such as heat, rainfall and winds which in turn impact the intensity of droughts, fires, floods and tropical storms. These events pose major risks for societies that are simultaneously exposed to extreme weather and the lack of capacity to adequately cope with impacts.

We guide our investors and clients to identify philanthropic causes centered around climate change mitigation and adaptation in the Least Developed Countries and Small Island States.

Food security is one of the major risks posed by climate change. We aim to work with local communities to develop solutions to address this challenge. A devastating biodiversity crisis is also unfolding where the numbers and variety of plants, animals and other organisms are plummeting. At the same time, biodiversity preservation is key to sustaining life on Earth.

Roughly 190 countries have committed to a ’30×30′ target to protect at least 30% of the planet’s land, fresh water and ocean by 2030. If reached, this goal would be a powerful contribution to addressing biodiversity and climate change.

Nature-based solutions, interventions that both support nature and help to tackle or adapt to climate change, such as helping rainforests and mangroves to recover and regrow, are some of the ways we can help nature to help humanity.

Whether you are a corporation, exploring your CSR agenda, or a high net-worth individual examining charitable causes, we invite you to join forces to mitigate climate crises for an equitable future.

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