BGI Green is delighted to announce the launch of its dedicated Green Fund, designed exclusively to tackle the challenges of climate change and promote decarbonization in frontier and developing nations.

The Fund is committed to investing in the equity of companies and ventures at the forefront of pioneering and scaling climate solutions, thereby contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Within the selected Investment Themes, the Fund, through direct investments in equities and financing project Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), provides growth and development capital to technology providers, manufacturers of green products or services, renewable energy developers and operators, waste management companies, sustainable agriculture producers, and other entities committed to being part of the climate solution.

The Green Fund aims to build a diversified portfolio across various sectors, industries, commercial activities, and geographic regions.While the companies in which we invest are focused on delivering their sustainable value proposition on a global scale, the geographical focus of Fund’s investment projects is primarily on Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa, with a particular emphasis on small and vulnerable economies.The primary objective of the Green Fund is to generate competitive financial returns while creating a positive impact with each investment aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.To achieve this, the fund adopts a blended finance structure and operates as a public-private partnership. This approach leverages risk capital from public institutions in conjunction with raised private capital to significantly increase investment volumes in regions and sectors that typically attract limited flows.

BGI Green takes a unique approach to capital mobilization, providing you with the opportunity to subscribe to the Fund through capital allocation or by contributing technology and expertise.

If you are interested in collaborating, please Contact Us for a more detailed discussion on how we can work together to create climate-positive pathways.

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