Achieving global carbon reduction goals necessitates an annual commitment of $4.5 trillion in capital expenditures and investments from now until 2050. While governments and multilateral development banks play a significant role, the mobilization of private capital is paramount in bridging the funding gap of $41 trillion.

BGI Green specializes in channeling capital towards businesses and ventures that actively contribute to the net-zero transition, particularly in frontier and developing markets.Our sustainable investment strategies are intricately aimed at decarbonization, with a keen focus on bolstering the resilience of the world’s small and developing economies.

For an in-depth understanding of our investment approach, familiarize yourself with our Mandate.

We proactively identify and pursue sustainable investing opportunities with high impact, strategically mitigating the adverse effects of climate change.Our focus lies in cultivating climate-resilient pathways, concentrating on selected high-impact Investment Themes.

BGI Green is launching a dedicated Green Fund, exclusively aimed at addressing climate change challenges in frontier and developing nations. The fund is committed to investing in green equity of the ventures pioneering and scaling climate solutions.We adopt a distinctive approach to capital mobilization, offering you the opportunity to subscribe to our Green Fund through capital allocation or by contributing technology and expertise.

If you are interested in collaborating, Contact Us for a more detailed discussion on how we can work together towards a sustainable future.

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